Monday, March 07, 2005

Technology as Marketing Follow Up

Frivolous technology that's used as a marketing tool results in an Arm's Race of Technology as manufacturers try to out-do their competitors. We consumers encounter expensive, feature-bloated products instead of the basic, trusty, inexpensive things we've grown up with. It may be that eBay will turn out to be a Luddite's best friend. Some of those quaint, clever gadgets we're so familar with are no longer made. Expect to see eBay affiliates opening brick-and-mortar shops soon.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, when Toyota commercials say things like "Don't you wish Toyota made more stuff?" I scream "NO! Stick with your cars, you make good cars!!!" Yeesh. Scares me, it does.


Luddite Geek said...

I'm glad you mentioned Toyota. It reinforces the "they don't make it anymore" idea.

My first car was a Corolla hatchback. After driving it for about ten years, I got into a collision. I was thinking to buy a new car. I really wanted another Toyota hatchback, but they weren't making the Toyota as a hatchback. I would've even considered a station wagon. No dice. The closest thing was the Paseo, which I wasn't too keen on.

After looking briefly at used cars, I paid $2000 to get the ten-year-old, low-mileage car road-worthy. (Can I get extra points for all the hyphens I used in that previous sentence?) I drove it another ten years before finally selling it to another engineer for $5. (It needed a lot of work.)

Anonymous said...

LOL. Hey, $2k for five years of driving isn't bad. Considering you still had the kind of car you wanted. I think my brother sold the old family stationwagon (Toyota, yup!) for around $20. Yeah... "needed a lot of work" is how I see a lot of Toyotas end up after years and years of happy driving. My first and only car was a Toyota, and one year older than me when I bought it. Rust issues, lack of power, a strange noise issue at high speeds or wet weather, the thing died about two years later when the engine siezed up. But it was worth the $700 I paid for it.

Cars are funny. But I don't have a licence anymore (my choice) so I really don't care. ^_^ Altho I wouldn't mind going for a ride in a Viper someday. >D

Anonymous said...

*makes a note to remember to sign her comments*


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