Monday, March 28, 2005

Cool High-Tech Things

When I made the leap from MS-DOS to Windows NT in 1997, I continued using the DOS version of Norton Commander for a while. Norton Commander (NC) was a wonderful file manager for DOS, and even the clunky DOS version was more useful to me than Windows Explorer. NC would display the contents of two directories side-by-side and provide a command prompt. (Cygwin provides something similar called Midnight Commander.)

However, one big problem was that NC wasn't made for a multitasking environment. When other programs tinkered with files in a focused directory, NC blithely ignored those changes.

Symmantec no longer supported NC, so it was time to search for a Windows file manager to replace it.

I found one of the most awesome pieces of software -- Servant Salamander, by ALTAP, which is short for Alternate Applications.

I've been using some version of Servant Salamander daily for about seven years. It's stable, intuitive, feature-packed and useful. ALTAP continues to add features and just released Beta 8.0 of version 2.5 on Friday.

I have a lot of cool programs on my computer. Servant Salamander is one of the coolest.

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Tirsden Frozenrayn said...

Innnteresting. Gonna go look at this one, cuz I use Windows Explorer a lot and it becomes very unstable very fast. And in a very deep sub, sub, sub, sub, sub, subdirectory, it slows to a crawl.

I wonder if this would help me get around my weird CDR/W hating my floppy drive issue? Bwahaha... I'll try it on my PC when DSL is set up... if it ever works properly... x_X