Saturday, February 26, 2005

Cool Low-Tech Things

I get excited by simple, effective solutions to problems. Items that can be taken apart easily, and that have replaceable parts that can be found in any hardware store, give me a thrill. Such items rarely become obsolete and are good investments.

They make me want to shout!

So this blog will feature an on-going list of Cool, Low-Tech Things. (I was almost going to make it a top-ten list of things, but then I remembered how I don't like such evenly numbered lists of things.)

The first item is a wonderful personal care item. Anyone with problem sinuses or asthma should have one. It's the Neti Pot. I have the ceramic Neti Pot from the Himalayan Institute, which I bought at our local health food store.

Here's why it's so cool. First, there are no moving parts to wear out. Second, it doesn't require special expensive chemicals that must be purchased from the manufacturer. (It can be used with ordinary kosher salt or sea salt.) Unless I drop it or lose it, I'll be able to use it my entire life. Wow! But best of all, it really works. Treat yourself with one right away!

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