Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Build My Own Universe? Are you Joking?

Okay, I finally accept that my elementary-school-aged daughter can design her own web page and probably make it look a whole lot nicer than this site. But could the next generation one day build its own universe?

Incredibly, some physicists think so, according to this feature on NPR's All Things Considered:


This is a cool page, not just for the feature article, but for the related links. The one bit of disappointment I feel is that I wish this came out nearer to April Fool's Day. That way I could fool people into thinking that something is a joke when, in fact, it's actually real.

So I wonder if our Universe was once created by a team of ambitious physicists in a higher level universe? What if they have to shut down their experiment due to lack of funding? Or what happens if a student overheats a Twinkie and in the process accidentally destroys the lab while attempting to redo one of the Twinkie Experiments?

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Tirsden Frozenrayn said...

LOL. Okay, my universe-in-planning has Riddick in it. Let's get crackin'. xD

From a certain point of view, people already create universes. Books, video games, television, movies, daydreams, etc... but maybe that's taking the metaphor a bit too far. Also, the Myst games and books toyed with the idea that anything created in one universe already exists in another. Maybe the fantastical stories people come up with in this world actually happened in another universe.

Along the lines of the universe-creating article, I can see someone making a tiny black hole and subsequently destroying the Earth. Smaaart. Maybe colonizing Mars sooner than later is a good idea after all, cuz altho I would have defaulted to the moon, the Earth is still a little too close if it's being eaten by a black hole out of control. (2010 anyone?) Let's shoot for Pluto instead, eh? How far away is our sister galaxy, again? LOL...

I listened to the broadcast via Windows Media Player, and the visualization was set to Battery: Randomization, which made for some very interesting visuals that almost seemed timed to what the people were saying. Neeeat. I still say Pluto. LOL. Run, run while you still can... xD

(And the Twinkie thing is hilarous. I want a Twinkie now. Hmm, I need to invent a gluten-free version... mwahahaha.)