Friday, March 10, 2006

Bogged Down Blog

Why is this blog so devoid of new articles? My head is full of ideas. But my calendar is full of _____ .

Yet I've struggled to keep the sidebar up-to-date, especially the reading list. Today I'm excited to announce two blog-like items for the list: a link to Clair Ching's tech blog and a link to editorials by Robert Lucky.

Robert Lucky is the Art Buchwald of electrical engineering's flagship periodical Spectrum. If you have the time, I encourage you to read his latest column, "Wordsmithing." It's real. It's funny. It's crazy. It's life as an engineer.

And what of Clair Ching? Well, I came across many of her posts in the emacs-wiki-discuss list and finally decided to check out her blog. When I read Getting acquainted with stuff on the CLI: Mplayer, my heart went pitter-patter with devotion. Could she be my soul mate? Don't tell my wife.

1 comment:

eClair said...

Oooh! You use Emacs too :) great :D Emacs is really nice. Although I don't do ELISP, I use the different modes of Emacs, including eshell :)

I wanted to use mplayer instead of ERC at the time because I have been quite dependent on Emacs. So I wondered what tools I could use on the command line. I didn't want to manually make a list and I am glad I saw a how to online :)

Enjoy getting acquainted with the CLI :)